May 23rd, 2012

old gm building

more plantings

When I was in New York, Bob and my mom pulled weeds and added more landscaping at the Bagley house. Their master plan for "the triangle" isn't finished, but this is the progress they made by Sunday evening:

The Japanese maple tree is from Wabash. They said that the ground is very hard to dig in and is filled with chunks of concrete. They also uncovered multiple antique glass bottles, including a Heinz Worcestershire sauce bottle with a glass stopper. I'll have to research the names on the other bottles.

When my mom and I were working on the initial plantings in front of the house the weekend before last, she said, "I'd go berserk if I had to do the landscaping at the house on Elkhart," referring to her former home that she rents out. I told her, "I AM going berserk!"

We'll all be working on the house, inside and out, all next weekend. And you know lots of photos will follow.

Thanks, mom!