June 3rd, 2012

old gm building

2012 corktown historical home & garden tour

Last year's successful Corktown Historical Home and Garden Tour sold 400 tickets--and I heard that 600 were sold this year. The house was so crowded with tourists throughout the day that I believe that number. I felt strange photographing our guests, but photos of everything else are below.

The sign in front of the house with a condensed history.

Scott's map showing Corktown in 1921 with photos from 1976 & 1954.
Not visible in this photo are strings connecting the photos to their location on the map.

The dining room table with treats for guests.
The bottles on display were dug up during the recent landscaping.

I hung this in the hall so people understood how far we've come.

Equestrian police patrolled the neighborhood today.

I finally hung the address plate made by Carl Oxley III (at left).

The house probably hasn't looked this good since before I was born.

Bob and my mom brought over some temporary decorations.
I especially loved this stand, vase, and bird statues.

At some point about fifteen bicyclists parked their bikes in the alley and came inside.


It was nice to have the whole house prettied up, but I'm very relieved to be done with it at last. Until I live there, I'm only going to fix what would be considered code violations (e.g., the peeling paint on the alley side). Now it's time to concentrate on my next project... (That was an ellipsis of implication.)