July 8th, 2012

old gm building


I went out of my way to be social on Saturday by attending a Vegan Meetup at a Thai restaurant in Royal Oak. Kelly earlier emailed me about a similar event happening later this month, so I invited her to this one. On the webpage for the meetup, I noticed that one of the attendees' photo was the same one used by a woman on OK Cupid with whom I had exchanged a couple of messages. We got to meet and gague one anothers' weirdness without having to actually go on a date. She seems cool so far.

During dinner, I thought, "Damn it, there was something I was supposed to do today!" And then I realized, "Oh, this was it. Good then!" There were about fifteen people there. The waiter who took our orders did not write a god damn thing down and still got everyone's orders right.

Kelly was also planning on attending the midnight screening of Jurassic Park at the Main Art Theatre and invited me along. I made the mistake of ordering a latte at Cafe de Marquis while waiting for midnight to roll around, which guaranteed I would get no more than two hours of sleep that night. Okay, THIS time I've learned my lesson.

The theatre was crowded, and there was some ungodly odor near us. I thought maybe the man next to me just had extremely terrible "man breath". It kind of smelled like ... a mucusy buttcrack. After the movie Kelly said she observed the same olifactory offense and thought that someone had taken their shoes off or put one of those weird "gourmet" cheese sprinkles on their popcorn. I guess we'll never know.

I got to the Bagley house to paint at 9am today and didn't leave until after 6pm. I only took a break to have a bowl of Cheerios for lunch. I could have worked longer, but the sun myseriously creeps over the north side of the house at that time, and I refuse to paint in direct sunlight (which is bad for the paint regardless). How is it even possible for the sun to shine on the north side of a house anyway?! Maybe lizbaillie can tell me. She knows about planets and shit.

I turned down Joe and Matt's offer to buy the house and decided to go on with the September 1 move-in. But I've been feeling increasingly shitty about how crammed the house will be with both my stuff and their stuff together. Then I had an idea--I could just move my furniture into one of the unfinished, unrented apartments in my current building if Tom consents. That way I won't take up any more space than an Air B-n-B guest who would have been in that room anyway. Thanks, brain!