July 29th, 2012

old gm building


The photo below might not look exciting, but it took a month's worth of weekends (in addition to July 4th and my hookie day last week) to repaint the alley side of the Bumblebee house.

The good thing about painting is that all of the sucky stuff is in the beginning, and each subsequent step in order gets progressively more enjoyable. Scraping paint is the worst (on one 95-degree Saturday I did nothing but scrape paint for eight hours), followed by washing the dust off of the wood. Next is repairing any loose siding and filling any holes, followed by priming and caulking. By the time you're applying the top coat of paint, it's just pure gratification.

The next time I have an exterior painting job, I want to experiment with using a heat gun or propane torch to completely remove every trace of paint from the boards when scraping. I've always just scraped what was loose and painted over everything, but I think it would look a lot more professional if I went down to the bare wood on every length of siding. I'll try that on a small experimental area next time.

There is still painting to do up high that I'll need Scott's ladder for. Hopefully I'll be able to borrow it next Saturday. I also have to rake up all of the peeled paint that I left just lying all over the alley. As far as painting the brick foundation on this side of the house ... yeah, eff it.

After my Facebook post about comfort food, my mom called to say that she bought me cookies and Faygo. She brought them over while I was working today, AND brought lunch. The fun part of painting in addition to free food made for a fun and productive day!