August 24th, 2012

old gm building

a hobby is supposed to pass the time, not fill it

The database of Corktown structures I've wanted to make for a long time is finally in full production. I have 314 houses and buildings in my spreadsheet so far, which should include every pre-1920 structure south of I-75 and between 6th and 14th Streets. I've also obtained the pre-1921 address and plat information of each historic building. I'm more than half way done checking the 1878-1908 building permit index for the addresses, but I've only checked the 1909-1924 permit index for a couple of streets. Since any given house has only a 50/50 chance of appearing in the permit index, I'll be using the address' first appearance in the city directories to estimate the year of construction.

I wish I could spend Saturday working on this project, but I move in less than a week and really need to start packing and organizing. An AirBnB guest is staying in the room I'm moving into through the night of the 31st, so I will have to spend one or two nights at my mom's house--but I guess I'm better off than a lot of people who go through a foreclosure who end up actually having to *move into* their parents' house. I'll spend my first ever night in the house on September 1st. Now that date will be associated with a *different* invasion--the Pollack's revenge.

Joe and Matt found a very convenient apartment downtown, and they're moving there around or after September 7th. An AirBnB guest is staying in the other guest room until mid-November, after which I might list the house myself under new management--under new, stoic, cold-hearted management.