August 31st, 2012

old gm building

good-bye, noco!

Everything I own is now in the basement of Bumble Bee Mansion, except for a few large pieces of furniture locked up in an unused hallway in my former apartment building. An Airbnb guest is in the room I'll be moving into on the first of the month, so I spent last night and will spend tonight at my mom's house.

No matter who you are or how simple you think your life is, you have no idea how much stuff you own until you have to move it all. I feel like I shed possessions each time I move, and yet moving never gets any easier. When I moved out of Wabash, I threw a LOT of stuff away. I even rented a dumpster. Despite that, and even with my ex having taken her stuff with her in December, I *still* had and unbelievable number of things to move this time. I bought more boxes than I thought I needed, intending to give the unused ones to Joe and Matt, I still used them all and had to carry out the last few loads of items in plastic grocery bags. (I used up all of those, too.)

Scott generously helped me move my great-grandfather's writing desk and a metal file cabinet into the house, as well as my other furniture into the storage hallway. Tom helped me move the very last load of small items, probably because it was almost nine o'clock at night and he was eager to end his day. I returned the keys to him and he even gave me the security deposit back! I've never had a security deposit returned so promptly before.

I'm *officially* moving into the house on Saturday, and Joe and Matt are moving into their downtown apartment a week from today. You can actually see their new building from the sidewalk in front of Bumble Bee House. That way we can send semaphore signals to one another if all of the cell phone networks go down and we learn how to send semaphore signals.