September 10th, 2012

old gm building


Early this morning, my grandfather Xavier John Bonkowski passed away after an illness of about one week.

On the morning of the Thursday August 30th, my uncle went to my grandpa's condo and found him on the kitchen floor, having tripped late the previous evening and unable to stand up again. He was taken to the hospital and found to have suffered a stroke. I visited the hospital a couple of times that weekend and was still alert and cracking jokes. Last Friday he was transferred to a nursing home to undergo physical therapy, but suffered a far more serious stroke very soon after arriving and he was returned to the hospital.

When I saw him on Saturday morning, he opened his eyes when I said hi to him, but he could not focus them. He couldn't talk but could squeeze our hands. I spent most of this last weekend in that hospital room with my mom, aunt and uncle. My grandpa's condition worsened and he eventually became totally unresponsive. Since he wasn't exhibiting the signs of imminent death (e.g., cold extremities), I thought he would hang on for a couple more days. Early this morning, however, my mom called and told me that he had passed away. My uncle was with him and said that he went very peacefully.

Grandpa, about two years ago, with my nephew Benji and niece Anniston.