September 13th, 2012

old gm building

i don't think i even know what field hockey *is*

As scheduled, Scott helped me move my large furniture from the old apartment into the house on Bagley on Monday afternoon. I was dreading having to ask someone to help me move, but then he preemptively volunteered! He turned down any portion of the hundreds of dollars in moving fees that he saved me, but I convinced him to let me buy him dinner.

Living in the house is going very well so far, but I wonder if it's a little *too* quiet for the Airbnb guest. This house reflects the personality of the person who runs it. When Joe lived here, it may have been a little dusty and chaotic, but it was warm, friendly, welcoming and active. Now that I'm here, it's cold, empty, sterile and lifeless. The only person I've had over since Joe moved out was Scott when he was helping me move. I've been busy with moving, cleaning and the family things going on, but I promise to eventually host gatherings.

Yesterday I had my first person burst in thinking Joe still lived here. He was one of the people who worked on the recent video of WSU students playing Zelda and the Unibrows music and recognized me as the composer of the Recordare. He was looking for software he loaned Joe, and just knocked on the door and walked in. At least it wasn't Mindy.

Speaking of Mindy, she is still around. The other morning I saw her walk up to the house and sit in one of the chairs outside. She left a book about the Catholic Rosary on the table out there, which I forgot to give away/recycle. This morning when I was leaving for work I saw that the plants out front had already been watered and that the hose was jumbled up instead of neatly coiled. It was nice of her to want to water the plants for me. She also left a used bathroom floor mat on the side steps, which of course I had to throw away. In place of the book on the side table there were pieces of some kind of animal bone. I don't know...

I only worked a half day today because I had to pick up my brothers from the airport, who of course flew in for my grandpa's funeral. On the way I stopped at Meijer to pick up some important Paul supplies: diet pop, new lacey curtains for the bathroom, and decaffeinated Earl Grey tea. How am I not gay?

No, I'm definitely straight. While Andrew and I were waiting for Matt to get off his plane, Andrew rolled his eyes when I got all excited by an entire team of field hockey girls walking by. Thirty short, athletic, tomboyish brunettes all at once! So undeniably feminine--and yet rugged! This reminded me of part of my problem with relationships, which is that I'm attracted to women whose interests I don't share. For example, I love hippies, but I hate marijuana and New Age beliefs. Punk girls are hot, but I'm not really into violence and alcohol, or even their music for that matter. And of course field hockey girls are irresistible, but I think that sports are the biggest waste of time and money in the history of civilization. I need to find a type/scene/subculture that I find superficially sexy AND whose interests I actually share.