September 29th, 2012

old gm building


My goal for the day was supposed to be putting up missing baseboard molding in the kitchen, but it somehow ended up being the installation of the old wardrobes from Wabash in the upstairs laundry room. Before the old house was re-keyed, I disassembled the IKEA wardrobes that we were using for closets and put them in the basement here at Bagley. I hauled up all of the components (that are larger and heavier than you think they are) and successfully reassembled them:

A week or so ago I also reinstalled the fold-down clothes drying racks that had also been at the house on Wabash and also originally purchased from IKEA. They just barely fit between the dryer and the window:

Earlier today my mom and her friend Dona came down to see the house. Afterward we went to St. Cece's Pub (the place on my street just two blocks away) and I had the vegan tempeh noodle bowl. The food was very well-prepared and very flavorful, but my portion was a little small. Either that or I'm just spoiled by the generous portions served by our local Thai restaurants.