December 11th, 2012

old gm building

winner winner vegan dinner

Since I wrote about petty complaints, I may as well report on the petty good stuff--specifically my "serious this time" attempts to interact with people.

Ann from the historical society tricked me into attending trivia night at McShane's last Thursday. She wanted me to attend a meeting about the upcoming "Corktown Christmas Crawl", which will be like a pub crawl with booze at houses instead of pubs. At this bar I was able to get a veggie burger and listen to the occupant of one of these houses matter-of-factly talk about how it's haunted. After the meeting, my bill hadn't come and I was sitting in a place I couldn't easily leave, so I ended up staying for the trivia game. I guess about 20 neighbors came out for it. Spending time with your neighbors in a pub is one of those normal human activities I've been missing out on.

I resolved to spend some time out in the neighborhood at least once per day throughout this whole week. On Sunday I had lunch at Mudgie's. Later that day I ended up having coffee at Astro's with Joe and two of the people who worked on the Unibrows at WSU video, so I counted that as credit for my "Monday" activity.

Leaving the house this weekend included attending game night at Annie D.'s new house. They played charades, but when I knew what phrase was being acted out I would remain silent so that I wouldn't have to do the next one. I know that sucks of me. I'll be better next time.

My neighborhood activity Tuesday night was attending a vegan dinner event at St. Cece's Pub (two short blocks away!) that Kara had invited me to, but she ended up having to take care of her son that night. I still went with Jason. Jason's vegan friend Xi also came. We ordered one of everything on the special menu and shared all of it. That was a good decision. We got the table next to the fireplace and I can still smell the smoke on my clothes.

I have to figure out where to go on Wednesday night now. I AM LEARNING YOUR WAYS, HUMANS.