December 16th, 2012

old gm building

corktown social week

My "go out into the neighborhood every day" week is finished. I already wrote about Sunday-Tuesday. I went to the library after work on Wednesday, so my Corktown activity consisted of having dinner at Mudgie's on Porter Street alone.

Thursday was supposed to be trivia night at McShane's, which usually takes place at 8pm but was moved to 9pm because of a party. The party was still dying down when I got there at nine and I didn't see any familiar neighbors. I invited Kara to come along and she brought Neil. *No* other neighbors came, so the three of us just sat there and drank for a couple of hours. (I had pop.) The owner felt bad that we were the only ones who came out, so he gave us the drinks for free.

On Friday Annie D. and I had dinner at the Lager House. We ordered vegan tempeh "po-boy" sandwiches that they had on special. Afterward I wanted to watch Everybody's Fine, the descriptions of which made it seem very similar to About Schmidt, except with Robert DeNiro instead of Jack Nicholson. It ended up being boring. Half way through the movie, Robert DeNiro is given a ride by a female truck driver, and I made a Large Marge reference. Annie didn't get it because she had never seen Pee-Wee's Big Adventure. We stopped the boring movie and watched Pee-Wee instead.

On Saturday morning I went to Brooklyn Street Local. It was only my second time there and I felt like an idiot for not going there more often. It's *right* across Michigan Avenue, and I can sit there and look at my house while eating a hot vegan brunch served by lovely hippie/hipster ladies.