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things are going my way again
old gm building
* This is why you should befriend electrical engineers: After doing some reading online and removing the cover from the center console in my car, Scott discovered the reason why I was not able to remove the key from my ignition. Normally, when my car is in park, the arm of the gear shift depresses a button inside the console when it's in park. That switch is usually kept in place with a tiny plastic tab that had broken off. Scott glued the piece in place, the button is now depressed when I'm in park, and the key can now be removed freely from the ignition. He saved me at least a couple hundred dollars in repairs (Firestone claimed I needed to buy an entire new gear shift assembly), and I now owe Scott at least another hour of mixing cement.

* Last month I bought new checks. Aside from a delay in the order, they came in just fine, but they never deducted the $25.38 I owed them for the order. I finally decided to be honest and remind them to charge my account, but I got a voice mail yesterday informing me that the charge was originally withheld due to the delay in the order, and that the company doesn't think it's worth it to charge me now. I'd like to work for *THAT* accounting department! How did the completion of my order *not* generate a debit on their books that needs to be offset? Or maybe that company just hates their accountants like every other company on Earth.

* No sewerage has backed up into my basement utility sink lately.

* It's still not hot or humid.