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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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fence erection part one

Lacey, Mark, and myself (attempting to be masculine).

Joann operates the auger

The guy on the left is Angelo, who lives across the street from us. He was very helpful.

Here is Buck, the dog of one of Joann's friends.

The posts are in! Tomorrow the panels will go up.

Hey, if you want to help put up fence panels on the posts with me tomorrow, call me up!

Thanks to Lacey, Kati, and Jeff for coming over today. :)

nice fence erection!

i love posts about your erections.

(Deleted comment)
My neighbor arranged the renting of the machine. I think it's just called an auger. We got the most expensive kind, which was the easiest to operate. I believe it was $90 to rent. We just had to go down 24 inches here, but I imagine you'd have to go down more in Alaska. It was easy to dig in my yard, since it's the only house built on the property since the area was a farm 150 years ago. My neighbor had more trouble with random chunks of concrete and other things left behind after her house was built a year ago.