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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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now it looks like a REAL back yard
...except for, you know, that U.S. Postal Service vehicle maintenance facility looming over the yard....

Yes, the fence will one day come down on the left side
too, to block your view of Mindy's yard 'o shit.

We were a little short on help Sunday morning when it came time to put up the panels. My mom offered to come over and help. Also, I called up Cakes--and God* bless him (*even though the chump ain't real)--and he came over, even though my phone call woke him up AND he was hung over. I am very grateful.

And so ended my five-day weekend/vacation. Back on Wednesday Anny and I picked up our new cabinets from Ikea. I spent Friday putting them together, but they're still not installed. They're just kind of lying about the house.

On Thursday we walked to the Thanksgiving Day parade downtown. I dressed up, nostalgic for the days when people would wear suits and hats to public events. Click here to see Anny's photos from that day.

Oh, and we have a cat now. He is an orange stray that was hanging out near our house. He seems very content with us, and I do believe he is keeping the mice away. :) We've named him Freddie, after Fredrich Beckstein, the carpenter who built our house. Yeah, I thought that would annoy you.

I bet your yard looks really nice in the summertime. Cat pics plz.

The yard is nice in the summer. That leaning tree is a lot healthier and grows more leaves than you'd think. The lawn isn't 100% grown in yet, but it should be pretty nice by next summer.

Here is the one cat photo I have so far:

More will be posted as they're taken. :)

Adorable and slightly aloof at the same time. Just as a good cat should be. The only thing to remember with cats and mice is that when the cat isn't around, the mice will eat cat food, so when the cat is done eating, you should generally move the bowl or cover it so the mice can't take advantage.

You are such a better home owner than I am. I have a really hard time getting stuff done like that, yet there are many projects around the house that I surely could tackle if only I put my mind to it.

Your cat is absolutely adorable. Orange tabby cats are my favorite.

This project never would have been done this year if my next door neighbor wasn't so eager and didn't take the initiative in organizing the purchase of the material and rental of the auger. Also, this house is my only real hobby right now. It's easier to get around to these things since I'm pretty much obsessed with them. :)

The kitty is very adorable, and so well-behaved. And I haven't seen any mouse turds lately!