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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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boycott inca cola
I learned the other day that Juan Carlos was in Michigan in May and checked out the Bagley house. You remember him. He's the p.o.s. who left my family with the Bagley house, the $17K debt associated with buying it, and the responsibility to then renovate and rent it out--the reason I have spent well over a thousand hours of my life and several thousand of my own dollars in addition to taking on of tens of thousands of dollars in debt. THAT a-hole. It turns out that I was painting something on the outside when he drove by. Can you imagine what would have happened if I saw and recognized him? He would be WEARING that paint can. I don't care how expensive exterior paint is. It would be the best fifty dollars I ever spent. Oh, and he also came by a second time and peeked in the window. I can only hope that he experienced the slightest bit of regret when seeing the transformation of that house first hand. Who knows, maybe he even felt just a fleeting moment of that emotion we humans call "regret", but I doubt it.

Lola had another seizure last night. They're thankfully not frequent, but it was the worst one Anny and I have witnessed. I think it was around 2am, and her claws scratching the floor woke us up. It seems like she tries to crawl across the floor when she seizes. She was afraid to go back into the bedroom after that, so she slept in the front room. Anny slept on the couch and woke up later to find Lola curled up next to her. I wish there was a way to communicate to a dog that what she's experiencing is a known medical condition that's nothing to be afraid of.