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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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service printing co
Some days, you just have to say "Eff it, I'm going to the library."

Yesterday's Live Journal post contained a photo of this building at the corner of Cochrane and Pine Streets...

...as well as an undated photo that seems like it could be from the early forties...

I might be able to date the photo better if I knew anything about old cars. I found that photo on Virtual Motor City, where it is bafflingly mislabeled as a police station.

Yesterday I erroneously assumed that the building was from the 1930s. It actually first appears in the city directory in 1926. Its first occupant was the Service Printing Company, founded in 1919 by Herbert S. Wolfe, John F. McNutt, and Elden Glanser. When they moved into this building, its address was 2606 National Ave. The street was renamed Cochrane in honor of Detroit Tigers player/manager Mickey Cochrane shortly after his death in 1962.

I was able to find an advertisement for this company in the 1927 directory:

You know something? I think it kind of looked better back then.

So do all street treed just immediately die of insects or disease now or can we just plant those same trees right where they stood and hope that Eddie continues to improve the building?

Trees are good. I dread the day that the ones on Bagley will have to come down.

I also think about the day the Bagley trees have to come down. I need to talk to someone who knows about trees and figure out what a good replacement for them would be, and then plant them soon in between the trees that are already there. Hopefully the replacements will be relatively mature by the time the old ones have to be cut down/die of disease. Maybe John and Barb know about trees.

I don't even know what species of trees are already out there. I need to be tree educated.

They look like American Elms, but I wouldn't plant elms in between the ones, in case an Elm disease wipes them all out at once. Maybe something that behaves similarly to them, but are more disease-resistant.

I remember someone calling them "Chinese Elms" but I don't even know if that's a thing.