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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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"hit my snooze alarm, for the 27th time..."
Once a quarter (or something like that) my place of employment requests nominations for what is a sort of "employee of the quarter" program. At some kind of reception during work hours, three nominees get special recognition and then one of them... "wins" or something--I don't fully understand it. On Wednesday the list of the nine or ten initial nominees went out and saw that my name was on it. I don't know who the smartass was who nominated me, but I will give them the benefit of the doubt and assume it wasn't necessarily out of malice. The reception was yesterday (Thursday) so I skipped work, which I never do. I didn't lie and say I was sick, I just emailed my boss and supervisor and told them I wouldn't be in.

(It took an hour after seeing my name on that list for me to realize that life was sort of imitating art.)

I did what most people would have done with a day off of work--I went to the City of Detroit's Historic Designation Advisory Board office to look up the original building permit for the apartment that I live in.

I called ahead of time and the receptionist said I didn't need an appointment. It turned out she was wrong, but they still accommodated me. I also gave them the CD-R of all of the 1976 Corktown photos that I scanned from the negatives in that office six months ago, so I hope that made up for it.

After that, I spent the rest of the day at the library to research the house on Vermont that I recently posted about on the history blog, a new house on Leverette Street, and my own apartment. If only some rich maniac would pay me $29,000 a year to do that full time.

EDIT: Apparently I got "second place". I would have vomited out of sheer humiliation if I had to stand in front of everybody like that. How misunderstood can I possibly be by people who I've seen every day for 4-1/2 years? They know not to mention my birthday now, and I don't even like being said hello to, and now this. It probably was actually done out of malice.

Oh, it was probably done by some kind soul who realized you've been doing the work of two people for how many months? Glad you were able to escape the situation, though.

I want to research each and every building at wayne state, but I'm sure it's already been done before. I just need to find the book. :)

You know Old Main used to be just "The Detroit High School", right? I don't know how long that lasted, but it became part of "Wayne University" not too long after. Mary E. Lennon, who lived in the Bagley house, taught there when it was a high school and stayed on after the change as a professor of English until her death in 1945.

We also need to research your current house one of these days, unless you're getting too sick of that street to even want to think about it.