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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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2011 in review
My life has centered around the Bagley house in 2011 just as it did in 2010. The outside of the house looked more or less like this toward the end of last year:

By November 2010, though, the rail and spindles were added to the porch and the new front door was up:

But by this last fall, the house looked like this:

Even since that photo was taken, the brick foundation and the trim around the downstairs windows have all been painted the dark blue/green to match the rest of the trim.

Now some details of the past year:


*I started my local history blog, which caused my Live Journal output to decrease.

*I renovated the laundry room (with my mom's help) and installed a laminate floor upstairs at the Bagley house.

*I took a day off work to drive to the State Historic Preservation Office in Lansing hoping that they would have the film negatives for the 1976 Detroit Urban Conservation Project, but they did not.
*I contacted neighbor Scott about researching his house. He and neighbor Jason visited later that month.

*I found out (with Allan's help) that the above-mentioned film negatives were actually at city hall, and I bought a film negative scanner to digitize all of the Corktown images. They are now online for free distribution.
*I finished the carpentry portion of the front porch at Bagley.

*Anny and I took a road trip to New York to visit Ellis Island exactly 100 years after my great grandparents Joseph and Catherine Waldowski were there. Liz, as always, very generously hosted us.
*Don put new exterior trim on the Bagley house, which I painted. I installed new screen doors.

*I painted the Bagley porch. I also installed a whole-house fan that moves much less air than you would think an $800 appliance should. Gutters started to go up, but part of the soffit needed to be replaced before they could finish.

*I decided to give up on the Wabash house. I was severely underwater on the mortgage, the house needed tens of thousands of dollars in structural repairs, and the slumlord at 2150 Bagley was attracting increasingly terrible tenants.
*For some insane reason I rebuilt the front porch on the house on Wabash with Don's and Scott's help.
*A home invader stole my laptop. Sarah gave me her old one, but it stopped working a couple of months later.

*Despite refusing the same offer a year earlier, I accepted a "promotion" at work because I sort of "had" to. The work is positively awful.

*I did not pay my mortgage payment on the first of the month, and I haven't made a payment since.
*I moved to Ash Street. Scott gave me his old couch, which in my opinion is practically in mint condition. My mom generously bought two area rugs for the barren apartment.

*I spent $1,900 on a new soffit on the north side of the Bagley house, and finally had the remainder of the gutters installed.

*Discussing problems with Anny on our 7th anniversary, she reveals that she wants to move out. It would take about a month for this to happen.
*I did some exterior painting at Bagley before it got too cold.

*I had a fun time researching the history of 287 Twelfth Street.
*Joe and Jeff released the short film Silent Night, which I'm proud to say I contributed to.
*Anny moves out tonight. Almost all of her stuff is gone. She is moving in with a magician. I guess there is a "disappearing act" joke in there somewhere.

I hate "magic."


The only thing worse than magic is "funny" magic.

Wow... me and Zane broke up two weeks before our anniversary in mid-October and we moved out in November. I've known several married or long-term relationship people that broke up this year, and a couple of my oldest friends got married. What a weird, fucked up year. Hopefully 2012 will be better for both of us.

::long-term breakup high-five:: (Actually, no, that's sad...)

I remember reading about the theory that there are a lot of breakups at the end of the year because people are evaluating whether they want to buy Christmas gifts for their partners. I don't REALLY think that is the cause of these breakups, but it was nice to save a little bit of money...

I remember reading the Facebook notification that you and Zane broke up, but I didn't say anything because I didn't know what to say. It came as a surprise since, living in another state, I don't know the detailed goings-on in your life. Our breakup seemed similar to how you described yours--"amicable" and all. I'm sad, but it's not like we're arguing or anything like that.

I hope you made off with the french press coffee maker.

OMG that magician guy needs to get punched in the face!

haha... yeah, that Facebook photo is kind of ridiculous.