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terrace photos

2010 vs. 2012

One neighbor calls this "The Grotto".

Amazing Job, Paul. I hope you are proud of what you'e done. I wish you were ***my*** neighbor!!

You're just saying that because I don't have any neck tattoos. :)

I should emphasize that this gardening was done by my mom and a family friend. But I helped spread mulch...

I think we're going with "terrace". Terraces are raised in my mind, but I just checked the definition and they *can* be simply an outdoor living room next to a house. A "grotto" is usually associated with caves or things imitating caves or running water.

I still like calling the sidewalk the "esplanade" and the alley the "North Lawn", though, so what do I know?

I think Jon Strand's "grotto" only refers to the immediate vicinity of the St. Francis statue.

I know you told me, but I forgot--are you and Matt going to be around for the tour? I can get free tickets for you and Matt.

some thoughts

Thought 1: back in 2010 you could go sledding out the door!
Thought 2: I hope that shit doesn't get stolen
Thought 3: Looks nice! Like a real house in a real neighborhood!


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