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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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twilight of the gods
Moving is going well, although it wasn't as productive as it possibly could have been because I was distracted by my Box Of Nostalgia. I like to think that I'm an anti-hoarder and that I'm very economical about my very small collection of memory-triggering crap.

Here's a tip I learned about moving: the "Large" moving boxes they sell are for keeping pillows and comforters clean and contained during your hectic move--NOT TO PUT ALL OF YOUR DENSE, HEAVY RECORDS INTO ALL AT ONCE. There is no way I'm going to be able to lift my arms tomorrow.

I was so distracted by the moving that I almost forgot about North by Northwest showing at the Redford Theatre until Joe called me about it. He has two Airbnb guests from Germany who wanted to come with us, so I had to clean up for them. They saw me filthy, sweating and unshaven while moving my stuff into the basement, so I was sure to shower, shave and cut my hair so that I didn't look like an American slob. I even gave the back seat of my car a thorough and long-overdue vacuuming. We took the, uh, "scenic route" to the theater up Grand River Avenue. On the way, Siegfried's funeral music from Wagner's opera Götterdämmerung played on the radio as a very fitting soundtrack by which our guests observed the apocalyptic scene around them.

I am continually surprised by how outgoing and social Joe's Airbnb guests are, from joining in social activity to helping cook dinner. When I went to New York in the spring, I was relieved that I didn't even have to see my host at all. Your species continues to fascinate me and I hope to one day emulate your customs.

I've been missing Lola, so I finally texted my ex just to ask if I could take Lola for a walk. I'm going to pick Lola up tomorrow morning and walk her on Belle Isle for a bit before continuing to empty out my apartment. I miss Lola's goofy mannerisms and contagious energy.


Dogs are great. I miss Ollie so much! My mom came to visit for lunch recently and brought some very nice professional-looking photographs of Ollie that a friend of hers took. You're lucky in some ways that Lola is not so far away as Ollie is from me. I basically have to take a full weekend trip to see him. It would be so awesome if I could just pop by to take him out for walks now and again. But, he's being spoiled rotten and loving life, so my feelings are really completely selfish. He would definitely not have as good of a life with me now as he does with my parents.

It's convenient that Lola is close, but still awkward to pick her up. Oh well.

The best thing about seeing Lola on Sunday was how ridiculously excited she was to see me. No human being ever expresses that kind of happiness when they see me. :)