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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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The screen on my still-under-warranty laptop broke, so the thing is on its way to sunny Texas for repairs. In the meantime, I was forced to focus my mind on home improvement. (More than usual.)

It wasn't until Joe and Matt moved their stuff out of the house that I remembered baseboard moulding was never installed on the north wall of the kitchen. I fixed that problem this weekend. Mitering trim for a trapezoid-shaped house is always aggravating.

When nailing down the moulding, I decided that it was also time to repaint the kitchen. I was tired of the green, which was starting to feel just kind of "puky" to me. I thought that a light grey-blue would better match the kind of diffuse light that comes in from the north-facing windows. It would also match the cabinets better. I'm not sure how one color can go better with white than another, but it just does. There are already a lot of blue rooms in the house (two and a half bedrooms, the TV room, and downstairs bathroom), so I might redecorate one of them to make up for it. Even if I wanted to keep the kitchen the same shade of green, the room just needed a new paint job either way.

(Click here for a "before" photo taken from a similar angle.)

I hate the names of paint colors. Not because they're silly, but because I totally fall for them. When I see a color I might like, I then look at the name to confirm whether or not it's a good choice. I'm basically an idiot. When I found this particular shade of blue from Olympic paints, I saw that it was called "Forevermore". What a tragically melancholy name!

The color itself also makes me think of Skullman from Mega Man IV.

I like it. With my brother moving out, I now have another room to paint, and D's first words were **not blue**, since half the rooms in the house are either blue or blueish green.

I'm sure the orange of your office offsets at least a couple of those blue rooms! That is one benefit of living alone--being able to decide one day to paint a room a certain color and then just doing it.

What D-approved colors are you considering for the new room?

She wants me to do a neutral color-think a light tan. I'm thinking maybe a light peach or something super distilled, maybe a super pale yellow. Something less bold than my office which is across the hall, and light enough that even though the room gets very little natural light, it seems warm and bright.

Ahahaha...and just for the record-both of my color choices were just rejected. Boo.

She's *serious* about a neutral color! No blues, and nothing on the warm side either. Tan it is! :)

One color I have to show you in person is from Valspar's "Signature Color" series called "Violet Smoke". The card in the store looks 100% grey and not worth the money. But once you put it on the wall, it magically turns into violet--but JUST the right amount of violet. My dining room is in this color. You probably won't get away with painting Mike's old room in that color, but I think it's so great that I have to go around recommending it to people.

Since working at Home Depot I have discovered that a great deal many type of flooring products from carpet to hardwood are named after types of food; especially dessert food.