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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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backlogged petty complaints part 2
  • Lately I've had no will to engage in two of the activities that are supposedly an important part of me--composing music and working on my house. I'm just not feeling them. Right now they are homework instead of satisfying outlets of creativity.

  • I have no patience for grown-ups who are afraid of ghosts. Recently Joe was checking in an Airbnb guest who appeared to be creeped out by the photo of my grandfather as a boy hanging in the parlor and asked if anyone had died in the house. Joe said no, not to his knowledge. Well, here are the three confirmed Bumble Bee House deaths for the next time someone asks: Catherine Buchanan Clancy (May 22, 1900), Jane Elizabeth Buchanan (July 5, 1906), and Charles Saliba (November 22, 1939). I've spent dozens of nights alone in this house so far and haven't seen or heard shit. Hell, I'd be glad to see proof of existence after death with my own eyes. Maybe the ghosts know it's scarier to conceal their presence.

"Paul's home! Everybody quiet!"

  • Of all the denominations of Christianity, I've always liked Quakerism. But recently I found out that Richard Nixon was a Quaker. That totally ruins the whole religion.

  • I had an extremely long, elaborate dream last night where I was charged $880 for a plate of pasta in a restaurant. The worst part was spending hours attempting to calculate the tip, but I had lost my ability to do math.

  • How about these goddamn morons "sharing" a photo of a lottery ticket on Facebook thinking that the winner is going to track them down and share their winnings with them??

Ghosts do exist

And one day I am going to prove it to you, if I have to haunt you myself. And...I totally will.


Re: Ghosts do exist

I hope you outlive me ... but just in case you go first, go easy on the blood running down the walls routine. Paint's expensive these days.