Bartleby the Scrivener (vegan27) wrote,
Bartleby the Scrivener

backlogged petty complaints iii

  • The writer of this article very clearly used my blog as a source when writing about the excavation of Roosevelt Park--and that's fine. He interviewed me and taped our conversation, and I emailed him the 1897 Sanborn map of the houses demolished to build the park. I also sent him a page from the 1910 census for the now-gone segment of 15th Street that used to run through the area, including each person's occupation, their place of birth, whether they rent or own the house--all exactly the kind of information that those researchers want. All of that is cool. But it just would have been neat if he used a quote from our conversation in his article, or just *mentioned* the blog from which he extracted so much useful information. Oh well. [UPDATE: They have since added a correction. Annie D. used to work for that paper and told me to take it up with the editor. Complaining works!]

  • While I'm whining about the blog, it would have been nice if the owner of the Detroit Athletic Company linked to the my post about his place on his store's blog, or its Facebook page, since I wrote it when he told me he "would really love to know the history of the buildings that we occupy". He did send me a thank-you email, but you know... website traffic! Maybe I should write about all of the 19th century houses his family tore down for Tiger Stadium parking. How do you like your history now?!

I'm not joking.

  • Do hipsters sell knitted caps with stupid-looking fake knitted beards attached to them in order to soften the blow of the repeated slaps to the face that they so obviously deserve?

  • If one more Christian posts on Facebook the "enlightening" fact that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birth--or if one more Liberal posts on Facebook the "enlightening" fact that white settlers stole Indian land--I am going to go crazy... er.
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