Bartleby the Scrivener (vegan27) wrote,
Bartleby the Scrivener

"what's best left alone is not always what least invites"

Yesterday I finally received Christmas cards instead of junk mail designed to look like Christmas cards! One was from Stacey and Paul and the other from Tom and Monica. The one from Tom even contained a check for running a Craigslist ad for one of his apartments, although it hasn't been rented yet.

Last night I walked to Joe's and we watched the Patrick Stewart version of Moby Dick with Jeff and Rochelle. Patrick Stewart was great, and so was the soundtrack, but the acting of some of the lesser characters made you wonder if the movie wasn't made for the USA Network, and then you remember that it was. I got home after 11pm and started work on cookies that I have to bake for a vegan cookie exchange on Thursday at Stacey's. I tried to make red and green cookie dough, but they sort of ended up pink and chartreuse.

After work today I'm hanging out with Shel, who I know through LiveJournal and met only once, a year ago. We keep almost hanging out, and then don't. Not today, though! It's going to happen no matter what! Then late tonight I'm going to roll out the cookie dough I made last night and bake the actual cookies. I don't have Christmas-themed cookie cutters, so they're going to be circles cut with a drinking glass. I don't think I'll be invited to any more Christmas cookie exchange parties after this.

Thursday is the actual cookie exchange gathering, followed by trivia at McShane's. On Friday there are two parties to attend--one at Stacey and Paul's, and the other at Joe and Matt's. Saturday afternoon I'm having coffee with a lady I met online, and Sunday is Sarah's annual Christmas Eve Eve party.

P.S. The quote at the top is only from the movie version of Moby Dick and not the book, but I still like it.
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