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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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After work yesterday I hung out with _kissingchaosand we walked down to Mudgie's for sandwiches. Having grown up in the suburbs, walking to restaurants is still a novelty to me. After getting back to my house we were talking about family history and I just started a family tree for her on my Ancestry.com account. Although I can trace my family's Detroit roots to 1880, Shel definitely has me beat. I found a great-great-great-grandfather of hers who was *born* in Detroit in 1817! That's some serious street cred. Her ancestry also has a Corktown connection. Just in the time we were sitting at my dining room table, I found an ancestor of hers who lived in the Eliza Howell terraces on Leverette Street!

The cookies I made for today's cookie exchange turned out all right. I tried to make red and green sugar cookies, but I was paranoid about food coloring causing cancer, so I didn't put enough in. They're more like pink and lime green. I also don't have fancy cookie cutters, so they're just circles. The ladies at the party (I was the only dude there other than sweet_bread's husband and toddler) joked that the colors had more of a Miami Vice theme. I now have a lifetime supply of cookies.

The turnout for trivia was pretty poor tonight. Scott and I went, and Mark and Carmen were there with their daughter. The only other team was a couple who I did not recognize. I think they were just pulled in from the bar.

I got an email from a guy who says he is in the process of buying the old house on Wabash. He wants to talk about the house, so we're meeting on Sunday. I sensed from what he said that he doesn't have extensive home renovation experience, so I hope he's independently wealthy.


Stacey put photos of the cookie exchange on Facebook that I can now steal:

Try trivia at The Lager House. It's often busy.

Food coloring

Don't worry about food colouring Paul, I'm pretty sure it mostly causes Alzheimer's and memory loss. Especially Blue.

Re: Food coloring

Oh man, Stacey repeated my comment about my fear of too much food coloring with everyone at her party the following day! But it made me think the fear was silly. NEXT time I'm LOADING that stuff in there. :)

Re: Food coloring

I find beet water is pretty decent for a pink stain.

Re: Food coloring

I took your suggestion and beat water on high for five minutes, but it never turned red!

Re: Food coloring

Actually Lol'd.