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After work yesterday I hung out with _kissingchaosand we walked down to Mudgie's for sandwiches. Having grown up in the suburbs, walking to restaurants is still a novelty to me. After getting back to my house we were talking about family history and I just started a family tree for her on my account. Although I can trace my family's Detroit roots to 1880, Shel definitely has me beat. I found a great-great-great-grandfather of hers who was *born* in Detroit in 1817! That's some serious street cred. Her ancestry also has a Corktown connection. Just in the time we were sitting at my dining room table, I found an ancestor of hers who lived in the Eliza Howell terraces on Leverette Street!

The cookies I made for today's cookie exchange turned out all right. I tried to make red and green sugar cookies, but I was paranoid about food coloring causing cancer, so I didn't put enough in. They're more like pink and lime green. I also don't have fancy cookie cutters, so they're just circles. The ladies at the party (I was the only dude there other than sweet_bread's husband and toddler) joked that the colors had more of a Miami Vice theme. I now have a lifetime supply of cookies.

The turnout for trivia was pretty poor tonight. Scott and I went, and Mark and Carmen were there with their daughter. The only other team was a couple who I did not recognize. I think they were just pulled in from the bar.

I got an email from a guy who says he is in the process of buying the old house on Wabash. He wants to talk about the house, so we're meeting on Sunday. I sensed from what he said that he doesn't have extensive home renovation experience, so I hope he's independently wealthy.


Stacey put photos of the cookie exchange on Facebook that I can now steal:

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