Bartleby the Scrivener (vegan27) wrote,
Bartleby the Scrivener

hope for wabash

On Sunday I met up with a guy who is in the process of buying the old homestead on Wabash. We spent between two and three hours just talking about the house and what it would take to restore it to a solid condition. I was also sort of sizing him up and figuring out whether he is the right person for the project. I walked away believing that he was. (Not that I have any say in it, obviously!)

What sold me on him was his past experience in working on setting an old house on new foundation of concrete piers back where he's from. He doesn't have the engineering knowledge to plan such a project, but he does know what it's like to spend hours of every day for days on end in a dusty crawlspace, digging new footings by hand. Probably just as important is the way he feels about old houses and his fascination with this one in particular. And he hadn't even read my five-part extensive history of the house yet! The whole reason I posted about the house's foundation issues before was to scare off lazy house-flippers and to ensure that whoever ended up with the place was the person who cared about it so much that they would be willing to accept the challenge in full awareness of what it entails. He already knew all about Mindy, and I warned him about the techno kids from Birmingham. In fact, he's already a resident of Wabash Street, a few doors down from Ang.

Later that night I attended Sarah's annual Christmas Eve Eve party. Sarah bought vegan chocolate cake with peppermint frosting from Avalon just for the vegans--i.e., me. :D
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