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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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obligatory resolution
My 2013 resolution should be to expand the borders of my comfort zone. Maybe I should get together with my socially awkward friends (which is almost all of them) and start a "Comfort Zone Challenge". We would dare one another to step outside of our comfort zones. I only hesitate to open myself up to such a challenge because I know that annieprecisely would immediately make me go ice skating at Campus Martius because she's cruel. As part of my resolution, I will now accept all reasonable Facebook invitations. (Psilodump's invitations to techno shows in Sweden are an example of "not reasonable".)

Ground was broken today for an addition to the Detroit Institute of Bagels. Since my house has second-story windows that face the site, the co-owner of the business asked me if he could leave me with a camera and tripod and take one photo each day to document the progress. Hopefully it will work! I'm very much looking forward to seeing a renovated building across Michigan Avenue and having fresh bagels baked 100 yards from my house.

So what did you do on New Year's Day? I slept in and did some reading. Then in the afternoon annieprecisely and I went thrifting in the Gratiot/15 Mile Road area, aka the Thrift Store Epicenter of Southeast Michigan. I was hoping to find some sport coats and an overcoat, but all I ended up buying was a tie.

Scott created a LJ and can now read my friends-only posts. His reaction: "Wow......is there anything that you keep in your brain?" Not much, unfortunately. He's lucky he didn't join while we still practiced "Self-Defamation of Character Week".

heh heh. yeeeees... gooooooooooood. *monty smile/eyes narrow/hands clasped and rubbing slowly together*

I know you only just saw your 5th Simpsons episode two days ago, but Mr. Burns says "excellent", not "good". :)

By the way, I'm going to make you watch one Simpsons episode for every Dr. Who episode you show me from now on.

You're watching Dr Who?!?!? YESSSSSSS

I've only seen the first two episodes. If you're *that* excited, I guess I *have* to keep watching it now. How far do I have to go to catch up to you?

Ooooh it gets SO much better! I'm currently halfway through Season 4. Once David Tennant starts playing the Doctor, he is just the best. If you like things like Star Trek: TNG you should enjoy the familiar combination of campiness/silliness, "life lessons" and suddenly super emotional episodes. And weird aliens.

I'm planning on having some game nights with Devan and Elizabeth--I will keep you posted. I think you'll like them, they are quiet but fun and involved. You met them at my house on Christmas eve eve, they were the last to arrive.

Man I can't wait to be able to buy bagels!

Ha ha... you should apply for a job there!

I remember Devan and Elizabeth. I'm practicing remembering names nowadays. They were the ones whose house Amanda had been in but didn't realize it until they were leaving the party, right? But yeah, a game night would be fun. :)

I got this card game for Christmas that requires at least four people, but would be great with about 6. I am itching to impose it on others!

Impose away!

I have offered to help out if they need me enough times that I think Ben thinks I'm creepy.

GAME NIIIIGHT! What's the game, Hannah?

Is it Magic: The Gathering?

I'll let you know when I take the construction photos each morning, and you can hold a sign asking to help out there. Then you'll be one foot closer to the camera each day until the last seventeen photos is just a closeup of the sign with you peering over the top all crazy-eyed.

Does this mean I should start inviting you to come see my band?

Yes. If that day is free when I get the invitation, I will go. That is my new rule.