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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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disjointed thoughts not worth developing but somehow worth injecting into your news feed
I owe $38,827.74 on the Bumble Bee House, which I could probably sell for $100,000.00 and make a $61,172.26 profit. Sometimes I think about doing that and moving to a bigger, more functional east coast city and using that money to live off of for a year while I get set up with a new job and to cover moving costs. hunchentoot told me he disapproves of the idea.

The other day izinbloom (Scott, who just recently made a LJ account and can now read friends-only entries) told me that he was at a work meeting so boring that he started to read my LJ from the beginning and was at 2008 the last time he mentioned it. Fortunately, the Self-Defamation of Character Week entries were hidden. However, the bible_thugs entries were not.

My dining room walls still need artwork. I am thinking of commissioning one of you artist people to make something. What would match a reproduction of an 1830 map of Detroit, a photo of Corktown from the MGM Casino parking structure, and Zombie Beethoven?

Yeah, I'm just using the Airbnb.com photo.
What are you going to do, beat me up?

Thanks to annieprecisely, I'm finally watching Dr. Who, just like everybody else I know. You all say it gets much better, but the episode where the baby-faced aliens took over 10 Downing Street broke my suspension of disbelief. The one about the gas-ghosts-who-were-actually-aliens was more believable.

I have often thought about BUYING Bumblebee house. Lol... The only thing that would hold me back is the lack if yard. (Yes, I know. We live in the city haha..) but, you should look more into trying to buy those lots next door you have talked about in the past. That would raise the price-range and the amount of people that would want to buy it significantly, in my opinion.

To me, the lack of yard is the best thing about the house! :) I love having my own home, but I hate mowing grass and gardening is beyond my comprehension. The guy who owns the lots on the other side is buying them on a land contract, so I'm not even going to think about buying them until he owns them free and clear.

makes sense to me!

(sigh) *Doctor* Who

Christopher Eccleston frowns upon you.

What the eff's the difference? >:P