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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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Last Saturday I went to an art opening at the Ferndale library that was showing the work of a friend of sweet_bread. I told myself before I went that I would start a conversation with a stranger there. When I walked in I saw Mike (the artist), and shook his hand and said hello. Then I saw Stacey, Paul and Christine, and talked to them. Mike played live music that I enjoyed, which I would describe as instrumental chromatic minimalism. Aaaaaand I slipped out without talking to a stranger. Feh. One week before that, though, in the same space, I saw xinyearstocome's band Electric Corpse and I *did* briefly chat up a stranger there. Just a dude who also came there alone who was sitting in front of me. So that's something.

On Sunday I went to see the Faberge exhibit at the DIA with Bob and my mom. The special exhibits are always a little stressful because they're so crowded. I spent the entire time trying to see the objects on display without touching anybody and holding my breath any time people got too close to me. Having said that, though, it was interesting to see priceless objects once owned by the doomed Romanov family.

Tonight I attended my first Detroit Drunken Historical Society event with saragene, a talk given by Dan Austin of historicdetroit.org. We sat at the last available table, which seated seven, so we invited people to join us. One woman who sat with us coincidentally knew my former neighbor on Wabash and actually remembered me. "You're married to Anny, right?", she asked. I explained that we were never married, but together for a long time and separated just over a year ago. I felt terrible for not remembering her despite her having attended the fence-raising back in '06. Aaaaah'm a jerk.

Also annieprecisely and izinbloom sat with us.

To be fair, she was 15 at the time and thus not really notable.

Haha... yeah... When she told me she was at the fence-raising, I thought she was five years older than she turned out to be. But that's her dad in the first photo in the fence-raising entry.


I'm glad you decided to try DDHS! I hope it was enjoyable!

Re: yay!

It was! :)