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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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I hosted a vegan brunch at my house on Sunday, not only because I love breakfast food, but also because my house looks its best in the daylight and I don't want to have only evening events. I braced myself for over twenty guests, but because of illnesses and scheduling conflicts, I had "only" sixteen, and I just barely pulled it off. Pancakes, scrambled tofu, soy sausage, fruit, and potatoes with tempeh were served. I badly underestimated how long it would take to make all of this, so when Melanie and Aaron were the first to arrive I put them to work cutting up fruit. Sarah brought champagne for mimosas and Stacey and Paul brought really good orange juice and whole grain bread.

My camera took really terrible photos, I think because the batteries were low, but I'm posting them because they are my only mementos of the event.

Neil, Kara, Will, Abbi, Jen, Lisa

Kati, Lisa, Kelly

Kati, Abbi, Lisa

Aaron, Melanie, Will, Sarah, Hannah's legs

Hannah, Aaron, Melanie

Karl, Kara, Abbi, Lisa, Jen

Thanks to everyone who came out! There will definitely be more of these in the future.

please do invite me in the future again! I would have loved to come, but I wasn't feeling well and had to play at GPT for 'Big River'. :( ugh.

Wish I could have made it. Looks like a fun group. =)

next time let's all wear pajamas and put cartoons on!

Not unless I buy old-fashioned men's pajamas from Macy's or something and act as if those are what I wear to bed all the time. No one wants to see me walk around in worn out old pajama bottoms and the sweatshirt that I got paint on that I actually walk around in at night.