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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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dining room trim project
The unfinished trim in the dining room has been one of those nagging, unfinished projects for months now. I decided two weeks ago that I would have it done by Sunday's party, and I just barely met that goal. The polyurethane was still tacky when I nailed up the side pieces around midnight on Saturday evening, and I have yet to fill the nail holes.

The hardest part was creating the fancy top piece of trim from scratch. I figured out what I needed by looking at what is already in the house. The three components were a 1x8 for the backing, a 1x4 for the top, and a piece of crown molding. Scott rounded the edge of the top piece with his router and I made him figure out the cutting of the crown molding, which is a lot more confusing than it looks. He also loaned me his nail gun for this project. Scott is a good neighbor. You should move to Corktown and then you can borrow his tools too! He'll even make you tools--note the three sanding blocks in the third photo!

Left: The requisite pieces, cut to size and ready to assemble.
Right: The crown molding was too delicate for nails and had to be glued in place.
Note--This isn't the right way to clamp your work and you shouldn't do it this way.

The assembled molding is sanded and cleaned.

The molding is stained, coated with polyurethane, and ready to install.

This project also included baseboard molding as seen on the lower left.

The molding is slightly bulkier than what is above the other doorways, but I think it blends in with the rest of the house just fine.

And now I believe I'm due for a self-indulgent, "how far I've come" sort of "before and after" photo:

Existence: validated.



Absolutely crazy beautiful. Awesome. Great job to both of you! =)

I can't tell which is the pine side from this distance!

Both of the side pieces are pine, culled from upstairs bedrooms. The oak piece wasn't long enough to use in this doorway.