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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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Years ago a photo of my great-great grandfather hung in my Aunt Irene's house until it apparently fell off the wall and the frame was smashed. The frameless photo sat in a closet in her house until her death, after which it was given to me. Because it's a strange oval size, I hadn't gotten it reframed until now. Bob found a frame among his antiques that happened to be a perfect fit. 19.5" by 13.5" ovals must have been a common photo shape a century ago.

I cleaned up the frame and hung the photo in my living room:

The man in the middle is my great-great-grandfather Julian Bonkowski. He was born in Poland around 1867 in a village called Nyedzbora, according to my genealogist cousins. The men on the left and right are his brothers Victor and Klemens. Judging by their ages, the photo can't date any earlier than the late 1890s, but the touch-ups done by hand make it seem so much older than that. Julian died in Poland and I'm not even certain that he ever visited America.

Another item now decorating my house is a painting my mom made when she was 25. I believe it was based on a photo she saw in a newspaper. It now hangs in my dining room:

Way back in the day, Joel and Andrew made a short film inspired by that painting:

I asked Kara if she had any paintings to sell. She said that none of them are finished, but she might let me borrow one.