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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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the cabin
Last Thursday I attended the first official meeting for the 2013 Corktown Historical Homes and Gardens Tour in June. They really want someone to be on the shuttle buses pointing out historic landmarks along the way, and they really want that someone to be me. Even though I'm a terrible speaker, I guess this is exactly the kind of challenge I should be accepting if I want to change my personality. I'll prepare a script ahead of time and enlist the help of more volunteers, since there will be two shuttles driving around for the five long hours. I've also been enlisted to help update the signs they put in front of houses on that day.

I really wish I could hire this guy instead for the bus tours:

On Sunday I got a phone call from Matt, the guy who just purchased the old homestead on Wabash, which he refers to as "the cabin". The nickname is probably the result of his having spent the last two nights there in a sleeping bag without heat. I gave him a tour of my current house and showed him photos of what a horror show it was when my mom and brother first got it, which hopefully gave him some encouragement. This guy is pretty much perfect for the Wabash house--young, idealistic, optimistic, clearly aware of the years of hard work ahead of him, and willing to live a very rustic and Bohemian lifestyle while the house is under repair.

I haven't yet been to the house since the bank re-keyed it, but from the sound of it, it has been CLEANED OUT. Even the chicken coup and the piles of bricks in the garage are gone. The 100-year-old magazines I found in the wall and the 1870s pop bottle I found in the crawlspace--left behind thinking a future owner would want them--are nowhere to be found. And for some reason the water meter was disconnected and then zip-tied to the pipe next to it. Did the city or the bank do that? I have no idea.

Matt is in the process of removing the ductwork and trash (old pipes, window sashes, etc.) from the crawlspace in order to have the room to work on leveling the house. I'm going to give him the bathroom sink I took from the house because I have no use for it. I want to help him out and give advice on the renovation, but I want to make sure I don't start pushing my preferences onto him about how *I* think it "should" be done. Before he left I made us spaghetti for dinner. I felt the need to express sympathy in some way, because that poor bastard has a rough road ahead of him.

is he hot

Why, do you want me to ask him if there is room in that sleeping bag for two? Because I think if I ask that question he'll get the wrong idea.

that doesn't answer my question!

haha, several issues here-- a) this is a public LJ entry! b) I don't know if you're into the Bohemian/Pacific Northwest thing; c) if I say "no" I sound mean; d) if I say "yes" I sound fruity; and e) youuuu didn't answer myyyyy question. :P

a. I know, I am stating that it is me who is interested, not you :P b. sure c/d. tell me what he looks like in chat e. maybe


Let me know if you need help! Sounds fun!