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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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not exactly napoleon's 1815 return from elba
Last night the kitchen cabinets made their triumphant return to 1733 Wabash. Wabash Matt procured a pickup truck and we collected all of the remaining Wabash objects from my mom's basement, aside from the items I've already installed in the Bumble Bee House and the old laundry sink. Since reinstalling them will be extremely easy for me (I've installed three IKEA kitchens [and uninstalled one!] in the last few years) I'm going to help put them up some time this weekend.

When I was in the house last night, I noticed yet another thing that the bank goons took--the curtain rods! Even though I'm putting the cabinets back into the house, removing them probably wasn't a wasted effort since the bank goons probably would have taken the cabinets themselves. At least *some* of the thousands of dollars I spent on that house aren't *totally* wasted.

On Monday I attended a Corktown community meeting. It was probably the most well-organized and disciplined meeting I've attended since moving here eight years ago. As I was leaving I recognized the guy who put in the first short sale offer on the Wabash house. I talked to him for a minute, and it turns out that he ended up buying a place on Elm Street in North Corktown. He mentioned that it had no foundation issues, ha ha...

Tomorrow night I'm attending another meeting about the historic homes tour in June. If you know someone who would like their house on the tour, you know who to call! And also bribe! :D