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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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the goings-on lately
I was going to say that I haven't mentioned dating on this journal in a long time out of a superstition about jinxing. Then I remembered that the last "official date" I was on was that very awkward coffee I had in December with the girl who chops the heads off laboratory rats, and I did write about that. [Edit: I forgot about that girl I met in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Yeah, that was weird.] I've just gotten extremely lazy about dating lately. The last time I went out more than a couple of times with someone was back in August, with the woman who out of the blue brought up how much she loves Christmas. (It didn't last long.)

Yesterday I went out with a vegan veterinarian (I've graduated from vegan vet assistants and vegan vet techs). We met up at the DIA, hung out there for a few hours, had dinner at Seva and then drinks at St. Cece's Pub. At Cece's, she said to me, "I have a confession to make." I braced myself. She continued, "I don't like Christmas." I beamed. "I fuckin' hate Christmas," I said, and then we spent the next five minutes talking about why Chrismas sucks so bad. It turns out she used to work with Dr. Matt, who told me he once intended to introduce us but was never able to before he left that clinic. Now that I've met her I'm going to yell at him for not trying harder.

I have a vegan potluck today. If bilgbygiblah doesn't come then I will be the only vegan there. Actually, saragene might be the only *vegetarian* there. Everyone else who I expect to show up are just very tolerant omnivores! Now it's time to clean my filthy house in preparation for their arrival.