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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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is livejournal now just a weekly digest of my facebook updates?
On Monday I helped Wabash Matt install the sink and countertops in the kitchen. He has a new hypothesis about the sinking floors--that they're not a result of the beams being pinched by improperly placed footings, but that the exterior footings may be sinking because they weren't set deep enough. I think he may be right.

Superficial improvements on my own house are ongoing. My mom is letting me use the antique drop-leaf table that mysteriously came with 10381 Roxbury, the home my family lived in when I was born. She also regularly buys me bumble-bee-themed decorations. I bought new bath towels for the Airbnb guest who is coming in one week. They're orange, since they're renting the "Orange Room". I also moved my bedroom across the hall. The room I moved out of--next to the Orange Room--will be the secondary Airbnb space. I'd rather have the more private room and let Airbnb guests share a wall.

Yesterday morning I met Ron Coo1ey to pick up the signs that are put in front of houses on the day of the Corktown home tour. It's my job to fact check them, eliminate any duplicates, etc. I've also volunteered to put them out on the day of the tour. There are about sixty signs, so I've been told.

You don't even have to be an amateur historian to find historical errors:

Hint: I'm not referring to the apostraphe in "it's".

After that I met up with Tom and Monika to help them figure out how to use their scanner. It was complicated, because it involved going over some computer basics (the difference between left- and right-clicking, what flash drives are for, etc.). But they can now scan and email photos and documents, and Tom paid me for my time, so it was worth it.

You know those crazy ladies you see at Michael's who find frames for sale for $4.99 each and buy eight of them? Yestserday I was that crazy lady.

* * * * *

I previously mentioned having gone out with a vegan veterinarian, and that's still going really well. There has been virtually no dating activity since the summer, mainly because the mishaps of the first half of 2012 taught me to, you know, actually heed signs of incompatibility (and even craziness). The price of that wisdom was having only two dates in a six-month period.

Anyway, the vegan veterinarian's name is Sarah, whose LJ codename shall now be Dr. Sarah to distinguish her from Librarian Sarah, even though she thinks that it somehow sounds like a porn character name.

I'll definitely yell at Dr. Matt the next time I see him for not introducing us when they worked together, and instead reducing us to the humiliating indignity of having to meet through an internet dating website. We're so compatible we even have matching "his and her" cars (she drives a red Chevy Aveo hatchback and I drive a blue one).

I once read (on Cracked.com, of course) that three important factors that statistically lead to long-term happiness of heterosexual couples is for the man to be slightly older than the woman, but for the woman to be more intelligent and more attractive than the man. So it looks like we're good to go!