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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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Ethel Claes and the West Side Industrial Project
The newest Corktown History Blog post is about the urban renewal project that wiped out 75 acres of Corktown in the 1950s, and almost succeeded in destroying the rest of the neighborhood. Here is the link:


Woooowwww.... Best one yet.

Also, I have friends that love in Gladstone! I'll have to go look for this next time I visit up there!</p>

I'm also going to send this to the current Rev. at St. Pete's! He'll love this!

Awesome! I've never talked to the current Rev. of St. Peter's, but I've seen him at neighborhood meetings. I should have interviewed him, or seen if he had a better photo of Rev. Mangrum. Maybe that will be my goal for the next blog post--get out of the library for once and actually interview people with knowledge relevant to the subject.

The next time you're in Gladstone, I'm definitely assigning you to clean up Miss Claes' headstone and taking a better photo. :)

Definitely! I will let you know next time I'm going up! Or, in the better weather months, I might even be able to convince them to go on the adventure for us! (No promises, but you never know!)

Great blog post, thanks. It makes me want to cry when I see just how much quality architecture we lost for "modern redevelopment."