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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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or maybe lj is only entertaining when people complain
I complained to Annie D. last night that I was slacking with LJ updates, and she replied, "That's a GOOD thing." Do I really only update when I'm anxious or unhappy? I'll have to force myself to write a little despite my good state of mind.

I'll again risk a jinx by saying things have been going really well with Dr. Sarah. I've wanted to meet a mature and intelligent woman for a long time now, a partner with at least as much life experience as I have. Also, the veganism and dark hair are huge bonuses. She was even tolerant enough to put up with one of my "guys nights", even though that consisted of Scott, Allan and I watching a PBS reality show about life in Victorian times. That's all I'll say for now before I invite a jinx upon myself--but I will add that if things continue to go really well, no you cannot have free veterinary care.

The "Orange Room" on Airbnb is now occupied. A college student working on a research project involving the ethnic composition of Dearborn is going to be my roommate for two months, and she arrived yesterday. I tried to spiffy up the room a bit--I bought a new area rug, new towels, hung a couple of historic Corktown photos in the room, washed and ironed the curtains, and bought a new full-length mirror since the old was was falling apart. Now I need to stop dragging my feet about buying a bed for the other room.

It's become clear lately that my history blog has gotten a lot of traffic in the past because Sarah Cox would link to it on Curbed Detroit. Now that she is no longer the local editor, my blog isn't seeing the same level of activity. My post about Ethel Claes has 300 hits, but the one I made awhile back about the widening of Michigan Avenue has 3,000. See, I can still find things to complain about!

Would you want a twin bed? I have a beautiful antique iron bed that I love dearly but don't currently have room for, I'd be happy to "lend" it to you in a "hey, if I ever move I might want this back" sort of way. It's hard to put together and you'd have to buy a mattress since I use the one I have as a guest bed sometimes.

I think I'd need a queen bed. In fact, Joe believes that the orange room is rented so infrequently because it has a twin bed, and most travellers who have come through have been couples. Single people travelling for business or scholarly research are not very common. But if you desperately need to store it somewhere that isn't a damp basement, I could swap it out for the plain metal base thing that the orange room's mattress and boxsping are currently on, which doesn't have a headboard or footboard.

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Ha ha... that's basically the only thing Facebook has over LiveJournal--a convenient way to acknowledge or approve of a post or comment without having to leave a new comment.