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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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room B-2
Bob and my mom made an interesting proposal the other day. Maybe they watch too many home improvement shows, but they offered to decorate the other potential Airbnb room (the one I moved out of) as long as I promose not to go into the room until they "unveil" it. I can't say no to free decoration! I already bought the bedding and I will buy the bed, so hopefully the rest of the items they have in mind won't be too extremely expensive. Before they start, I have to repair the trim around the doorway. Then all I have to do is sit back and let them decorate the (presumably bumble-bee-themed) bedroom!

Today Dr. Sarah flew out to Pennsylvania for a wedding and won't be back until Sunday, so that sucks for me. The fact that she's super cool makes up for it. Also, her LiveJournal codename should be a slight variation of her last name--specifically, Dr. Luvin'. Yes, that will do.

Someone linked to my last history blog post on DetroitYes and Reddit, so now I'm getting that sweet, sweet self-validating web traffic that I'be been missing since Ms. Cox left Curbed Detroit.

Now I have to end this post and Scott is going to be mad again that I didn't tell the story of our pub trivia night victory.

First, I'll go to pub trivia all day long. Just putting that out there.

Second, you should make a reddit handle and submit your posts yourself. I subscribe to the r/detroit reddit and they seem to enjoy your stuff, so why not drive some traffic.

Aren't people on that site annoyed by users who just make links to their own content? That would be almost as silly as ... as writing about how you want more self-validating web traffic on your Live Journal.

Also, if you move to Wabash you should go to the same trivia night.