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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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vermicious knids
The annual St. Patrick's Day parade was last Sunday. Of *course* I looked through the photos of the event on the websites of the News and Free Press to see if any of them included my house in the background, and I found one:

About ten people showed up to hang out after the parade. My mom made a vegan version of corned beef and cabbage, which is the first and only version of it I've ever had. The meat eaters said it was pretty close to the real thing!

On Saturday I saw Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory at the historic Redford Theatre. I was so excited that I bought advanced tickets, but Dr. Luvin' had to be at a wedding in Pennsylvania, and Joe and Matt had other plans. I ended up going with Alyssa and Annie D. We weren't as early as I wanted to be, so we had to sit in literally the last row in the upper balcony to find three seats together. I had also invited librarian Sarah, but I dumbly didn't do it until the afternoon of the event and she didn't see my Facebook message in time. I need to call people more and rely less on computer-based messages.

The last row of the balcony was apparently the "talking jerk" row. Some dude a few seats down just yammered on like he was at home. By the time that stupid grandfather in the movie gets out of bed to get a tour of the factory after making his goddamned daughter take in laundry to support him for twenty years, I finally told that guy to stop talking. I didn't think I was yelling, but Annie D. said she was afraid she was going to have to hold me back. Maybe seeing Grandpa Joe get out of bed pushed me over the edge. Seriously, the second that asshole sees that golden ticket he doesn't even hesitate to get out of bed. You think maybe you want to let your daughter who has supported you all this time to go instead? He practically pushed her out of the way! If I were her I would have taken that giant wooden laundry fork and smashed his face in. Just, smashed it in.

That reminds me. In the dating break I took before meeting Dr. Luvin' I read up on ways to make myself as presentable as possible to a potential partner, and obviously it worked. But I think I have gone too far in hiding my flaws. Yesterday, she said to me on chat, "I don't believe you are capable of existing in an angry state." That's how you know we didn't meet on Live Journal. Now I have to slowly unveil my "real" personality and see whether or not she runs away.

That reminds me of another thing. You know how I said I wanted to change my personality and be more sociable? Yeah, that was pretty much just to meet women. Now that I'm dating a cool woman my interest in being social has waned a bit. Karl had a concert I said I'd go to and I didn't, and acquaintances in Ferndale had art on display at another event I said I would attend and I didn't. I will try to be just social enough not to be a lying jerk. :)

This is why I never commit to anything - so I don't flake out. If I never said I would go, no one can call me a flake!

I just need to refrain from clicking "Join" on Facebook events unless I am willing to commit.

I will make up for you flaking on those things you said you'd go to by showing up and eating your food with a group of people when none of us said we would be there.

Eating FOOD at a PARTY you were INVITED to?! Where is my gigantic wooden laundry fork??