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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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a day off, a renovation, and a parade
I took last Wednesday off for a mini mid-week vacation with vegan veterinarian Sarah (I just can't say "Dr. Luvin' anymore!). We couldn't do the "walking around downtown" things that I would normally do since it was probably the coldest day of the year so far, but it was still a good day off. I made a greasy vegan brunch to convince Sarah that breakfast foods are awesome, but I don't think I warmed her cold, anti-breakfast heart. I then showed her the Belle Isle Conservatory, where we took our obligatory couples phone self-portrait because the Sears portrait studio was booked.

We looked around the Guardian and Fisher buildings and had Avalon for lunch. Later that evening we had dinner at Amici's in Berkley for their vegan pesto pizza. Then the day took a tragic turn when I forgot our friggin' leftovers at the restaurant. Normally I wouldn't be so upset with myself, but this is Amici's we're talking about!! We completed our day of binge eating at Treat Dreams for dessert.

That evening we watched Election, a film by Alexander Payne, the writer and director of About Schmidt. I have seen three of his movies so far, and they all share the same quirk--in About Schmidt, Randall the waterbed salesmen has a lapel pin that says "Ask me!"; in Citizen Ruth, a character who works in a hardware store wears a vest that includes a pin that says, "Ask me!"; and in Election there is only a brief flash of a character who later works at a hardware store who is wearing that same pin. I am going to watch The Descendants and re-watch Sideways to see if they also have that same Easter egg.

On Saturday Scott and I went to the library where he copied a bunch of Sanborn maps and I worked on my current history project, tracing the history of the ribbon farms that once ran through what is now Corktown. It's a lot harder than I thought it would be, but there are only a few missing links left. Later that day I finished the trim for the new Airbnb room:

The side pieces are of course original. I just scraped the excess layers of paint off so that they'd look better. But the top piece I had to make. Scott, as usual, generously loaned me his fancy propane nail gun.

Bob and my mom, who apparently watch a lot of home renovation shows, offered to decorate that room as long as I don't peek at the progress they're making and they get to unveil it all at once. They started today, and so far I've honored my end of the very generous bargain. Photos will definitely be posted when they finish.

Have I mentioned that they bring over bumble-bee-related decorations every time they come over? Today they may have gone too far. Let me present to you the latest gift: a bumble bee cellphone cozy:

I have a feeling that the redecorated room might have a theme of some kind...

While they were working, I attended the March du Nain Rouge. I was going to go with _kissingchaos, but she ended up having to work. And I was excited about being accompanied by someone with the street cred of being a lifelong Detroiter whose roots in this city go back at least 200 years. Instead I had to attend with a bunch of my fellow hipsters. :P And by fellow hipsters, I mean I met up with librarian Sarah and her boyfriend, plus Joe, Matt, their roommate Lisa, and Karl. Sarah also met up with a woman who attended whose costume was JANE JACOBS! (!!!!!!!!) It was such an awesome costume idea that I forgot to take a photo of her. We talked about platting. [EDIT: A photo of her showed up on the Free Press' website.]

The march ended up at the Masonic Temple. I don't have an iPhone that can take panoramic photos, so here is one made in Microsoft Paint:

That photo of the two of you is super duper sweet. I'm glad you found someone to share history with (pun intended).

By the by, How long did it take to put in that new frame work around the door? I was talking to a contractor yesterday who said it took him 6 or 7 hours before he got it right the first time...and by the first time, I mean before someone messed it up and he had to take it all apart and start over.

correction: Double entendre intended

Was the contractor including the door jamb in addition to the trim? I could see that taking that long, since it has to be perfect for the door to swing just the right way. But putting up trim only takes a few minutes. Also, this kind of trim is easy because there is no mitering. Getting 45-degree angles to line up perfectly with mitered trim can be pretty frustrating and time-consuming.

Now, figuring out at what angle and from which direction to cut the little piece of crown molding that I needed for the top piece--that added some time too. :)

she looks really familiar!

Do you have any Facebook friends in common with "Sarah Robitussin"?