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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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house hunting and hippie communes
I was talking to Scott the other day about Sarah's search for a rental house. She prefers Ferndale but is considering neighboring areas. I told him about Sarah saying, "One house that seemed okay is actually in Detroit, but it's close to the border." He replied, "It wasn't on Robinwood Street was it?!" No, actually, just one block over. When Sarah showed me the ad, warning bells went off when I saw it was east of Palmer Park. I was amused to find out it was on Golden Gate Street, pretty much across the street from that chiropractic clinic that houses a crazy vegetarian restaurant. I told Sarah that if she values her life then please do not consider for a second living in that house. Then I proceeded to suggest that we go out to eat the neighboring restaurant.

Photo from the Innate Healing Arts Center's Facebook page.

We went there on Wednesday. I love going to the occasional crazy leftist hippie vegan cafe--the thrift store furniture, the girls in bandannas, the tepid tap water they serve you... It reminded me of that house that I wanted to turn into a "vegan commune" back in 2008. (Hint: its address was 1242.) In a parallel universe somewhere, this house is jointly owned by me, Joe, and Jason Fiedler. Of course, *me* being part of a hippie collective probably caused that universe to implode by now.

After dinner, I drove Sarah down Robinwood Street, the next street over from Golden Gate. Robinwood is basically the worst street in the city. It seemed to have nosedived a few years ago and almost every single house on it was boarded up. Recently many of them were bulldozed. In addition to the obvious human tragedy, it's such a shame that the suburbs are filled with vinyl-clad turds while thousands of Detroit's beautiful, well-built, well-designed 1920s bungalows are absolutely doomed.

462 W Robinwood, Detroit
462 W Robinwood St. by Flickr user Patricia Drury.

505 W Robinwood, Detroit
505 W Robinwood St. by Flickr user Patricia Drury.

After that, Sarah and I drove by a bunch of Ferndale and Royal Oak rentals that looked good online. Driving around and looking at houses is the best. Despite all of the aluminum and vinyl siding in that area, the occasional pristine, authentic Craftsman bungalow makes it worthwhile.

But if we had a commune it would be WAY better than the INNATE center. If I haven't told you my stories about that place, remind me the next time you see me.

You have actually told me a few things about that place that would make me not want to use their chiropractic services. I hope the people who work in the food area somehow profit more from me occasionally eating there than the owner of the place does.