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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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alley & trellis
This weekend's projects were alley beautification and trellis construction. When you look out of my east-facing dining room window, directly in your line of sight is the back of a car wash that has a large weed tree growing out of the asphalt. The only thing I've done to this area in the past was trim the tree when the branches hang too low and pick up the garbage that accumulates around it. This year I wanted to improve what I see when I look outside.

Yesterday afternoon I spent about four hours pulling weeds and cutting up and bagging the pile of branches that has been next to the tree since last fall. I scraped off the thick layer of roots and mulch that has spread over the pavement up to three feet in some places. Then today Bob and mom came over to help plant some old hostas and some marigolds that I bought yesterday. Bob ended up going beyond what I could have expected and used pieces of asphalt peeling up from the poorly maintained alley and stacked it like slate.

This will be expanded over time.

I spent most of today building, priming, painting and installing a trellis to screen the view of the junk yard next door. It's 27 inches wide and consists of 27 squares. I made it out of cedar 1x2s. The basic look of the trellis is based on what Allan told me would be historically appropriate for the house. Below the trellis we put a planting box with three clematis plants that we expect to fill in the space relatively quickly.

The next step is for Scott to buy that lot and build a new house there so that it won't be a junk yard anymore.