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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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am i my brother's keeper?
It's a good thing I'm not Christian! Yesterday Frank across the street came to my door and asked if I had rooms to rent in my house, but he did not have an Airbnb-type situation in mind. A young couple with an eight-month-old baby need a place to live. The parents, Elijah and Yolanda, graduated last summer from a school where Frank used to teach.

Now, the obvious answer to this question is of course, "Have you lost your mind?", but the problem is that this request is coming from Frank. My friend Don grew up in this neighborhood and speaks of Frank as the most selfless and generous Christian man he's ever met. I don't want to speak negatively of Don by going so far as to say that he is cynical, but I would say that he is no wishy-washy idealist, so such praise coming from him really means something. According to Don, "Father Frank" (as he calls him) lives an exceptionally frugal life and spends all of his money and resources helping out people of lesser means. I even caught Frank--who I think is in his 70s--brushing the snow off my windshield one morning. So by saying "no" to him, I may as well have opened up the gates to Hell myself and just jumped right into the flames.

By the way, he mentioned that he would be paying their rent, and there is no way I would take his money. So it would have to be for free.

Why couldn't he have asked me for one hundred dollars instead? Why did it have to be two teenagers with an eight-month-old baby? What could be worse?!