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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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home tour 2013
I had a lot of help getting ready for this year's Corktown homes and gardens tour. Bob and mom have been helping me on the garden every weekend. Last year we got the little triangle garden looking really good, but the other side of the alley has always been barren at best, and trashed at worst. There is a weed tree growing behind the car wash, and all I wanted to do was pull the dandelions and plant some hostas and marigolds to just make it look less crappy. Bob, however, went overboard and landscaped the area far better than I ever could. A tiny internet photo doesn't do it justice, but this is the view from my dining room window now:

Scott also helped me get the staircase ready. He made two newel caps and six spindles to replace the missing ones. He also planed and routered strips of wood that I cut into spacers so that I wouldn't have to strip and sand all of the old ones. After all that he helped me assemble the thing. Below is a comparison of what the staircase looked like the first time I saw the house and the day before the home tour:

I owe Scott a mere $26.50 for the lumber, which I have failed to have on me the last several times I saw him.

Sarah was supposed to bring her mom to the tour, but her mom had to cancel under suspicious circumstances. Instead, Sarah just came down to help me at the house for a shift on the day of the tour and brought lunch for me, mom and Bob. Also helping to watch the house and interact with the guests was Claire, a friend who I know through Librarian Sarah who I had only met twice before.

Originally I was going to put out the historical markers in front of the houses (there are 70 markers, even though only ten houses were actually on the tour). Ron and Pat Cooley used to do it and really seemed to want to keep up that tradition, so I ended up driving their car with the back hatch open while they jogged behind the car and put up the signs.

I had been in most of these houses before, but I still really enjoyed the tour. I loved the gardens, although I don't have nearly enough land to implement anything that I saw.

There was a dig going on behind Blake's house by a man who locates where outhouses used to be, since that is where people used to throw away a lot of garbage. A large number of bottles were already found by the time we got there. The guy had a display set up of previous items found.

Turnout was lower this year than last. We had 372 paying attendees, which is normal. Last year I believe we had over 700, so I was fearing that we would be overrun this time around. I am relieved we had a much more manageable turnout. I liked the way the tour gave me a deadline to finish certain work on the house, but I won't be on the tour next time. I will have to find another motivator to finish the rest of my staircase.

I tend to have parties at my house to motivate myself to clean.

Oh! And nice background! :-D

You're right, parties are a good motivator. I think I remember using my housewarming party as my motivation to finish my dining room trim.

Yes, I love the new background! And speaking of that, I finally got the printing place to get me a quote on the poster and I told them to go ahead and make it. Hopefully I'll have it in a week. There will definitely be photos when it's up!

Skweeeeeeeee! Excited! :-D