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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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how about just a normal Live Journal entry?
Recent events:

-Last Friday I attended a talk Allan gave at Preservation Detroit about architect Louis Kamper (designer of the Book-Cadillac Hotel and the Eighth Precinct Police Station). It's gratifying to see people talk about a subject they find completely engrossing, especially if it's something you also find interesting.

-On Saturday I went to a party at Abe's house in Woodbridge--that's a female Abe, as in Elizabeth. It was easy to socialize at this party because I knew half the people there. I have met Abe in person maybe only five times or so, but she's absorbing my friends. She'll probably be less of a jerk to them than I am.

-On Monday evening the Corktown Historical Society (CHS) held its official annual meeting where the board of directors was selected, and I am now one of them. At the following meeting of the directors I was made the Treasurer. Despite my entry yesterday complaining about the apparent plagiarism of Meredith Miotke's work, it turns out that the CHS hasn't paid her for her work on the poster yet. Derp-dee-doo! I am not yet a signer on the account, but when I pick up documents from the previous treasurer tonight, I will have her take care of that.

-I don't write many friends-only posts anymore, but before I start that again I should probably thin out my friends list. Half of my "mutual friends" either haven't updated in years or I don't even remember who they are. People who have commented on my posts within the last year, or for some other reason I would think would want to remain LJ friends with me are:
_kissingchaos (Shelly)
annieprecisely (Annie D.)
bilgbygiblah (Will)
cecile468 (Hannah)
cwholt24 (Chris)
drevincore (Kevin)
giovannar (Kara)
hartofdetroit (Ang)
hopeful_1620 (Terri)
hunchentoot (Joe)
insectqueen (Mel)
istopi (Jason)
izinbloom (Scott)
jjimison (Jeff)
lershee (Kati)
lizbaillie/lizzerdrix (Liz)
pezkid346 (Ryan)
saragene (Librarian Sarah)
spacylacey (Lacey)
superexcellent (Melanie)
sweet_bread (Stacey)

There are also people I'm unsure about. I've never met filter_tips, fivebells or helloamythyst, but I've exchanged thoughtful comments with them in the past.
bezelworth and followdavegan are family members, but I don't know if they are on LJ much (or if they want to read my weird friends-only posts anyway). I occasionally exchange a Facebook comment with dharmapunk, but I wouldn't presume he's interested in this stuff. Not that the rest of you necessarily are. Eh, this whole *entry* is presumptive.

Anyway, if I forgot anybody who actually *does* still check LJ, or if I just didn't recognize your username when going through my list, comment here so that I know to keep you!

I miss your friends-only posts! I log in pretty much just to read those, haha. I mean I only come on maybe once a month on average but I like that you still use LJ as you do, even if I only post twice a year at best. I only know maybe one or two other people who still post, and I do check up on them as well, but you definitely post more frequently than they do.

I posted more than most people even during LiveJounal's Golden Age (aka the year 2005). I also enjoy your posts, however extremely infrequent they may be. Of course, your last entry was on a subject outside of my scope of experience, although the comments section made me want to start watching Fringe.


If you liked the X-Files, I think you'll really enjoy Fringe!

Also I just attempted to post a positive entry about good things since I'm pretty sure the few times I post, it's about something shitty happening.

Yay! Thanks for including me :) Keep me, I'm not too good at updating my entries and I haven't been on here much in the past month or so, but I do enjoy reading your posts!

Hello! I am still here, sort of. My friends list started to thin out, and my visits here slowed down as a result. I now check every couple months or so but I have a weird anxiety about commenting. I feel like it has been so long and some of my list might not remember me or care for my input on entries. I guess it is internet shyness!

For what its worth, Livejournal is still my favorite social networking site to date. It is really difficult to connect with people on Facebook or Twitter.

Having said all that, it is up to you of course whether you keep me or not. I will keep you though so I can continue to see your public posts on my list when I do check in.

Hope that all is well!

Of course I'll be glad to keep you on the ol' friends list! But naturally I assume people don't log in or check LJ if there are no posts for comments for so many months. :) [ Or over a year for you! Hmph! ]

You are right--LJ was the perfect format. I totally understand the allure of being lazy and posting one-sentence Facebook updates as events happen without having to write coherent thoughts and articulate your feelings. I've blown many perfectly good LJ-ing hours playing that stupid idiotic Candy Crush game.

Anyway, it's good to hear from you, and you should post again! At least give us your 2013 annual post. :D

I log in all of the time to read the entries of my few friends who post, so I would love to stay on your list. I have a dozen half-started entries, as I'd love to get back to using this as the outlet it has always been, but I have been lacking the follow-through for the last, oh, year. I rarely comment because I usually do not feel I have anything of value to say, but I do read.

That's maybe the only advantage of Facebook--you can always just "like" someone's post as a friendly acknowledgement if you don't have anything specific to say about it.

***wave*** Yeah, I'm not going anywhere and I miss your entries. :)

I like reading too! The interesting life or mr. corktown