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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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tattoo idea
The other day I was saying that one of the reasons I never got a tattoo was because I never thought of any image I liked enough to permanently imprint on my person. Then with all of my obsessing over Augustus B. Woodward's 1805 utopian street plan for Detroit that was only partially implemented, I came up with a very obvious idea:

Of course I had to go online to find a photo of a dude who is my exact torso doppelganger. (lol I'm lying. Exercise is the absolute worst and it was personally invented by Lucifer the Father of Lies.)

This concept seemed too ambitious (and expensive), so I tried seeing what the original, unexpanded plan would look like in its place:

That still looked too busy, so I tried just outlining the blocks:

But then that looked too boxy. I tried making it simpler still. The original street plan is based on a 4,000 foot equilateral triangle whose center coincides with the city's Point of Origin in Campus Martius, so I tried paring it down to the basic triangle:

This just makes it look like some kind of secret, creepy Masonic symbol. But it probably is, because Woodward *was* a Freemason.

Is this all a really stupid idea?

I like one and three, but... And maybe this is weird... Having a tattoo centered around nipples kinda weirds me out. Lol... Just me probably... But I do love the concept!

I was reading about Augustus Woodward (I believe it was Augustus) and how he hated parties just last night and I thought of you! Haha... True story.

Yeah, I guess that is a little weird. I just thought it was interesting how things sort of lined up in that way. Maybe a smaller version on my arm would be less weird to show people. Plus I am never, ever shirtless in public and nobody would ever see it.

There has to be a connection between obsessing over geometric shapes and poor social skills. :)

Would you like to go to Windsor Ontario?

I do not have a passport.