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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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lock your doors
My after-work task today was to give my house an overdue, thorough cleaning. I am expecting an Airbnb guest to arrive Friday evening. Before beginning my task, as I was washing my dinner dishes I heard the front door open. I assumed it was Joe, maybe to work on something in the Unibrow office or to turn over the Airbnb room. I looked over the door, but instead of Joe, there was a stocky man with a shaved head standing in my hallway.

The first thing I said was, "Who are you?" -- "I'm Adam," he said, "I'm supposed to stay here." Apparently he attempted to book the blue room for Thursday night but didn't properly finalize it. He had flown all the way from Israel, drove from the airport, got lost downtown, was offered drugs from strangers, and finally found my address by Googling "Bumblebee House". I called Joe, who was eating dinner with Will at Seva--he offered to clean up his own guest room, but this guy's experience downtown made him want to stay in Corktown instead.

I did manage to clean the bathroom and wash the bed sheets and towels while Joe entertained this guy. They still couldn't get the Airbnb booking to go through, so he paid us in cash. Then they wanted to go to the Lager House and the guest invited me, and I didn't want to be rude since his first impression of me was scowling and asking "Who are you?" while holding a soapy frying pan.

The guy is now asleep with his door open for some god damned reason, and I can hear him snoring very loudly even though my own door is closed. But I have $40 tax-free cash, so that ... kind of makes up for it?

Even if he did finalize stuff on AirBnB - do you just walk into someone's house like that? You don't even knock?

He says he knocked, which might technically be plausible since I was washing dishes. Maybe he didn't knock hard. Maybe I finally need to install a doorbell.