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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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serene green room
The staircase is now completely stripped after twelve hours of work by me and Don. I will clean them tonight, and then start staining them this week by doing every other step so that I can still use the staircase while it's being worked on. It's a good feeling have the centerpiece of the house start to look good after five years of work on the rest of it.

After finishing up that work on Sunday, I went to Sarah's house where we enjoyed a hedonistic afternoon of Amici's pizza, Sweet Earth ice cream, and Ancestry.com-sponsored genealogy-themed television programming.

While I was at Sarah's, Bob and my mom came over to put the final decorating touches on the new "Serene Green" room at the house (these are my mom's photos):

After I painted the room, all I had to do was buy the bed and pillows. The rug and curtain rod were already there. *Everything* else you see was provided by them. The items are mostly cleaned up or refurbished flea market or garage sale finds. (Don't worry, the bedding is new.)

The wall hangings above the bed are repurposed cabinet doors from a built-in that used to be in the dining room. I removed it since it was falling apart and taking up too much of the downstairs bathroom. This is what it looked like the first time I saw the house:

The chair you see here was found for cheap and then reupholstered:

Yes, the push-pins in the bulletin board are shaped like bumble bees.

I can't put the room on Airbnb until the stairs are done, which will hopefully be by the end of the month!

After Joe and Matt finalize their housing plans, the next step will be for them to completely empty everything out of the upstairs office, which will be turned into an upstairs living room for the guests.