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old gm building
Bartleby the Scrivener vegan27
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I hardly write a home improvement project on here that doesn't mention Scott having contributed in some important way. On Saturday it was time to pay the piper, at least in part. Scott wanted to build a brick veneer chimney to hide the real metal chimney that will be installed soon, and he asked me to help.

Unfortunately, the project involved this:

I told Scott that I'm basically a coward when it comes to heights sometimes, and my warning was apt. I got 2/3 up the 25-foot ladder and stopped, and tried to think of how I was going to tell him that I couldn't help him. My mind froze so badly that I couldn't even see *how* I was supposed to go from the roof to the ladder, but when Scott came around to see what was taking me so long, he showed me the safe way to do it, and I managed to suck it up for the rest of the day and help out without dying. All of my years of practicing being stoic and emotionless paid off.

I was in charge of operating the tile saw to cut the veneer bricks. I managed to drop only a few things off the roof, but nothing *too* heavy.

Despite my attempted stoicism, I couldn't convince my arm to lift up the tile saw from the edge of the roof when I was standing on the ladder. Putting things onto the roof is easier than taking them off.

The end result to me is a very convincing and historically appropriate chimney:

Although I couldn't babysit for Kati because of this project, Sarah and I did manage to make it to Abe's party that night, albeit a little late. When falling asleep that night, I kept on involuntarily imagining myself falling off of Scott's roof.

The next day Bob and my mom came over to help me clean for the new Airbnb guests and the Crain's Detroit House Party event on Thursday. I kind of let my house go since the last, intense stage of my staircase project got underway, so it was a little embarrassing, but I was very glad to have help. That same day I finally sold my old dining room table to a guy from Craigslist. I had a lot of memories associated with that table. During dinner, Lola used to awkwardly crawl under one of the chairs and nap until it was time for the routine post-dinner walk. Anyway, I used the money from the table to buy a Thai food dinner for Bob and my mom. After they left I continued to clean into the night and I ended up missing Jason's party.

Also on Sunday Scott helped me join the two segments of the newly-refinished banister for my staircase. That full story might never make it to Live Journal, but it involves an incident that caused Scott to declare that if we ever start a band, it shall be called The Flying Banisters.

Hooray for not dying! And don't worry about it - Abbi played at Jeff's parents house and had a fantastic time. I will accept a nice evening on Thursday instead. :-)

Thursday will be no problem--in fact, I just got the email confirmation that our spaces will be reserved. :)